BRICK is a six piece Heavy Metal band located in Värnamo, Sweden and was formed March 2014. They've so far released the promotional EP "Bagging Memories" published via Finnish Musickkickup and full length studio album "Faceless Strangers" on Italian Scarlet Records. They are currently working on new material for their sophomore effort. Current lineup as follows:

Johan Hultgren - Vocals
Matte Lilja - Guitar
Dado Hrnic - Drums & Percussion
Fredrik Finnander - Guitar
Erik "Gora" Göransson - Bass
Gustav "Gurra" Widerquist - Keys

Band Bio

Having seen the end of the band Keld, where members (like awesome guitarist Jimmy Hedlund, Falconer) parted ways to lead lives scattered through out Sweden, two of the remaining members, Matte and Dado, brought together bassist Gora (from local band Black barrel Smoke) and guitarist Jon Eskilsson (local band Blinded By Fact) to form, in 2013, what would eventually become BRICK. Jon also started out as lead singer which didn’t really work out so; Magdalena, a local female singer, was tried to complete the quintet but this didn’t really bring the nerve that was hoped for. The band felt restless and decided to advertise their need for a lead singer on popular social media.

Multi instrumentalist Johan Hultgren, at the time playing keys in Band of Spice (featuring Spice, former lead singer in Spiritual Beggars) came across this ad as a far relative to Jon. Johan was urged to bring his voice to the test as this always felt like his main instrument. After beeing sent an early recording of what would eventually become the tune ‘Megan’, he put text and melody of his liking during a short winter holiday. This was nervously performed a week later (March 2014) down at the bands rehersal studio and BOOM goes the dynamite.

There was BRICK.

The band now felt they needed a keyboarder to even further broaden their sound and Gustav Widerquist (also former Keld) was asked to join. Which he fortunately happily did. BRICK was now a team of six.

Four months later there was enough material to release the EP “Bagging Memories” featuring early versions of the songs ‘Megan’, as mentioned before, and ‘Last Day’, ‘Bagging Rainbows’ and ‘World of Lies’.

Time to hit the stage. A round of well appreciated performances were made locally and nationally and the band continued to write and perform material for their upcoming debut album. During this time some tension had been built up around the guitar section. This culminates in Jon being asked to leave the band. This left the band in a limbo and two months of doubt ensued. A couple of guitarists were tried out not really carrying their weight as soloing artists. Johan proposed his friend and working collegue Stefan Bergstrand (Armadillo Blues) as their new guitarist, as he knew Stefans abilities from former musical collaborations. This finally fell to the liking and this became the band formation for some time.

Teaming up with Scarlet Records for the release of debute album ‘Faceless Strangers’ gives the band the perfect nourishing ground for taking
on the rest of the music world and they now feel more confident than ever in performing and writing material.

The band was blessed with a new lead guitarist, Fredrik Finnander, as Stefan Bergstrand decided to leave the lineup in July 2017 to follow his own endeavours.

Fredrik Finnander, also called “Fiffi” also has a history playing with “Spice” in bands like “Aeon” and “Kayser”.